Lindsay Lohan celebrates end of probation

Los Angeles: Actress Lindsay Lohan celebrated the end of her probation with friends and family members at the Chateau Marmont hotel Friday night.

"The party went until around 2 a.m.. Alcohol was being served in moderation but Lindsay wasn`t seen drinking. It`s just rather strange that Lindsay chose to have the party at the hotel, especially after what the judge said to her in court," quoted a source as saying.

"Lindsay`s guests ate paella, and watched Elizabeth Taylor`s `Who`s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?` Lindsay was in an extremely good mood and grateful to be off of formal probation"

"Lindsay would have been much smarter to have just had a few people over to her house, but that isn`t her style, and she just loves the privacy and security that Chateau Marmont offers her," the source added.