Lindsay Lohan no longer required to appear in court: judge

Los Angeles: Lindsay Lohan`s days in criminal court have come to an end nearly five years after the first of her two DUI arrests, multiple stints in rehab, at least five trips to jail and a necklace theft case.

Lohan, 25, has satisfied her probation terms in her drunk driving case and is no longer required to appear in court or report to a probation officer, reported People magazine.

"She has done everything this court has asked of her," Judge Stephanie Sautner said Thursday.

Since November, the troubled actress has completed more than 50 days of janitorial duty at the LA County morgue and 18 therapy sessions.

But the judge did give the actress a final warning, albeit in a warm and supportive tone, "You need to live your life in a more mature way. Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work. I don`t expect to see you again."

"I just want to say thank you for being fair. It`s opened a lot of doors for me, so I really appreciate it," Lohan, who wore a teal-colored suit with her hair in a bun, told the judge.

For the necklace theft case, Lohan will now serve informal probation until May 24, 2014, but her only requirement, the judge said, will be to obey all laws. If she slips up in the next two and a half years, the judge could sentence her to 245 days in jail.