Lindsay Lohan prefers jail to Rehab, says her father

Los Angeles: Actress-singer Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael Lohan says his daughter`s disappearance from court hearing proves that she would prefer jail to rehab.

"She thinks that three days in jail is better than 60 days in rehab and she`s sadly mistaken. Lindsay doesn`t realise how horrible it is to be in jail for one, two, three days or longer. It`s something that would stick with her for the rest of her life and she doesn`t need any more torment," a news website quoted him as saying.

The "Mean Girls" star has jetted to the Cannes Film Festival in France just days before her probation hearing in Los Angeles. And reportedly she hasn`t completed court-ordered alcohol education classes, as per the terms of her probation.

"The last time Lindsay went to jail, it was only for 84 minutes, so she probably feels that if she gets jail term, it will be for a short period of time. If she thinks that, she`s playing with fire. I hope she`s back (from Cannes) in time. She`s known all along that this hearing was coming up. Unfortunately, Lindsay decided to risk going to Europe," his lawyer Lisa Bloom said.

"If she fails to show up for Thursday`s hearing, it`s almost certain she`ll be going to jail. She needs to show respect for the courts and let the judge know that she`ll be attending her classes. Showing up Thursday is absolutely critical," he added.