Lindsay Lohan released on bail

Los Angeles: Troubled star Lindsay Lohan was taken into custody for missing too many community service appointments under her DUI probation but was later released after posting bail.

The 25-year-old actress was handcuffed in a Los Angeles court yesterday following a half-hour hearing but was set free after a USD 100,000 bail was set, reported People magazine.

Lohan is expected back in court on November 2 for a hearing to formally determine whether she violated probation.

Judge Stephanie Sautner said that Lohan blew off nine scheduled appointments at the Downtown Women`s Centre, where the actress had been ordered to complete 360 hours for her necklace theft case. Because of the no-shows, Lohan had been kicked out of the program.

The actress`s attorney Shawn Holley argued it was premature to find Lohan in violation, saying the missed appointments were due to work commitments abroad.

Holley also pointed out that Lohan received a "glowing" report from her psychiatrist.

"The report says Ms Lohan has reached a turning point in her accountability and maturity," Holley argued in court.

"Failing to show up nine times to the shelter is reaching a turning point in her maturity, " Sautner retorted.

Lohan also has yet to begin janitorial duty at the LA County morgue, where she was previously ordered to complete 120 hours.

"She`s a strong girl. She understands that she has to comply with the court. It`s the judge`s ruling and she gets that. She is going do what she needs to do, she`s going to the morgue to perform community service," Lohan`s
representative said.

If the actress is found in violation at the November 2 hearing, she could face a new jail sentence.


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