Lisa Kudrow`s son never wants to have siblings

London: Former `Friends` star Lisa Kudrow says her 14-year-old son Julian Murray never wants to have siblings.

The 48-year-old actress said that her son, with husband Michel Stern, has always been opposed to having a brother or sister, reported Contactmusic.

"He doesn`t want siblings. Since he could talk he`d say, `No, no I don`t want a sister or a brother.` Someone would get pregnant and he`d say, `But you`re not, right?" Kudrow said.

The actress also said that the future of her son being an only child makes her feel sorry for him.

"I feel bad. Only because he alone will have to deal with his parents when they`re old. Hopefully he`ll marry someone with a nice family too and he`ll have a family. He wants to have a lot of kids," she added.