Lohan`s love child accuser declines DNA test offer

London: The woman accusing actress Lindsay Lohan`s dad of fathering her lovechild has declined an offer to be part of a TV special to determine the teenager`s paternity.

Michael Lohan offered to go public with DNA testing, which would determine whether he is or not Ashley Kaufmann`s father, as part of a big reveal on the US talk show, but the girl`s mother has refused to be a part of the project.

Kristi Kaufmann went public with claims Lohan is the father of her daughter in 2008.

"The Maury Povich show has reached out to Kristi Horn Kaufmann regarding doing a paternity test with Ashley and me, to which, for the third time, Kristi has declined," contactmusic.com quoted Michael as saying.

"So tell me, if Kristi is so sure and she even had the nerve to change Ashley`s birth certificate to my last name, why won`t she take the test?" he said.

And now angry Lohan is demanding a DNA test - so he can put the matter behind him. "On Oct 5, my attorney, Ed Burke Jr, will ask that her (Kaufmann) $300,000 judgement for support, which she got in my absence, be set aside, while we reopen the case in Montana, and demand a paternity test."

"What nerve does this three-times scorned con-woman have to have her daughter claim she is my daughter without any proof and not wanting to find out the truth herself," he said.