‘Lousy liar’ Jolie says wouldn`t make a good spy in real life

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2010, 14:09 PM IST

New York: Angelina Jolie, who plays a CIA operative and is accused of being a Russian spy in her upcoming movie ‘Salt,’ has insisted that she wouldn’t make a good spy in real life.

The actress said that ordinarily she speaks with authority but would probably ‘falter or stutter’ if she told a fib and it would quickly be detected.

"I can keep a secret, but if pressed, I’m a bad liar," the New York Post quoted her as saying.

Jolie, however, admitted that she’s better at fighting.

When she was in school, Jolie said someone insulted a person she cared about and she let fists fly.

After a couple of punches ‘it kind of ended there,’ she said.