Love branded a ‘crackhead’ for posting nude pics on Twitter

New York: Russell Simmons has called his pal Courtney Love "a crackhead" for posting nude photos of herself on Twitter.

"I think she is a sweet girl . . . It’s probably exciting to be a crackhead, I wouldn’t say I was a crackhead but I did smoke a lot of crack," the New York Post quoted him as saying at the launch party for his new Oxygen series, "Running Russell Simmons."

"I had fun smoking a lot of angel dust . . . Right now I’m a monk. I’m boring, I’m on a green juice fast at this moment so I’m a little high now. I had a double shot of ginger, which makes you a little flighty," he added.

"I’m fairly insulted that he associates me with that drug. What does that mean?" Love said.


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