Madge has crush on hunky Oscar Isaac

London: Superstar Madonna has apparently set her sights on actor Oscar Isaac, the man she’s hired to star in her 18million pounds movie ‘W.E. Hunky Guatemalan’.

"Madonna has a crush on Isaac - it`s as simple as that. M`s never hidden the fact that she loves good-looking Hispanic men around her at all times. It``s her type,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

"She loves their skin tone and it`s an added bonus if they``re artistic, intelligent or theatrical.

“She`s besotted with Oscar and although nothing``s happened between them she``s following him around like a lap dog and loving the time she``s spending with him.

"They flirt between scenes - he``s a musician too and plays in a band.

"They have tons in common. Madonna wanted him in the film as soon as she clapped eyes on him. He``s enjoying spending time with her too," said the source.

However, Oscar is still said to be engaged to childhood sweetheart Maria Miranda after proposing in December 2007.