Madge’s adoptive daughter’s family has no legal right to see her: Lawyer

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2011, 15:32 PM IST

London: Madonna’s lawyer has said that the family of singer’s adopted daughter has no legal right to see the five-year-old.

The claim comes after James family, led by Mercy Chifundo James’ biological uncle Peter Baneti and grandmother Lucy Chekechiwa, approached the Cicil Liberties Committee (CILIC) of leading human rights campaigner Emmie Chanika to sue Madonna for breach of trust.

Chanika conceded no visitation rights were included in the adoption agreement, which saw Mercy James leave Malawi for a new life with Madonna, 52, two years ago.

She admitted there is no written agreement but insisted the family has reasonable cause to push for the visitation.

“It was like a gentleman’s agreement,” she said.

‘They have a strong recollection that Ms. Madonna (sic) assured them they would be able to see Mercy on a regular basis,” she added.

Chanika said legal action would not be necessary if Madonna allows the family to see James.

Madonna’s lawyer Alan Chinula has also denied claims that she ever-promised regular visits.

“There was no such agreement,” the Daily Mail quoted Chinula as saying.