Madonna gets emotional

London: Pop star Madonna almost cried when she returned to the recording studio. The 53-year-old took a break from her music career to direct ‘W.E’.

"It`s amazing to be back in music. I like the intimacy of a recording studio and song writing. I`m using a different part of my brain when I work on music versus when I`m directing a film," she told a website.

"It`s very different. I love doing both, but it was nice to have the simplicity of song writing after three years of writing a script and directing and editing and talking about my film, to sit down and play my guitar and sing a song. I almost cried," she said.

Madonna also said she refuses to listen to other artists` work when she is recording because she needs to work from a clean slate with no external influences, reports a website.

"I wasn`t listening to anything to tell you the truth when I wrote this. I was working on the soundtrack to my movie `W.E`. So just classical music. I actually don`t like listening to pop music while I`m working on pop music - it doesn`t really work," she added.


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