Madonna hates being called control freak

London: Pop diva Madonna hates being considered a "control freak" about her music and says she values inputs from other artists.

"You know, I hate to use the word `control` so much, because people use and bandy that word about with me, when it comes to my creative life. Everyone says `Oh you`re a control freak and you like to be in control,`" said Madonna, who is working on her new album "Mdna", reports

"The thing is, everything I do, even my songwriting, I`m collaborating at all times. I value input from people, and I want it. I can`t work on my own. I am not Prince or like a lot of artists, who can go in and play every instrument, and record a track, and not hear from people. I need to hear what people think all the time," she added.