Madonna ignored me when we first met, says George Michael

Updated: Jul 21, 2012, 18:09 PM IST

London: George Michael has revealed that Madonna did not try to seduce him when they first met and instead ended up ignoring him.

The ‘Careless Whisper’ hitmaker was partying at a Los Angeles nightclub after shooting to fame, and was stunned when someone came up to him saying that the pop diva wanted to speak to him.

According to previous reports, Madonna propositioned him, but the 49-year-old singer is adamant that she had actually ignored him and carried on her conversation with actor Kevin Bacon.

“I will tell you the first time we ever met, we were both in this club in LA and it was very like being at the school canteen,” the Daily Express quoted Michael as saying in London’s Heart 106.2 radio show on Thursday.

“Basically somebody came over to my table and said ‘Madonna would really like to meet you’... (I thought) that’d be nice, cheeky cow. I proceeded to follow this woman over to Madonna’s table where she was talking to Kevin Bacon at the time and I stood there and she just ignored me, which is kind of what you do at school when you fancy someone isn’t it? You pretend not to like them.

“She didn’t try to seduce me, no... I didn’t stand there for very long!” he added.