Madonna `just a woman like all the others`, says new beau

London: Madonna`s new man Brahim Zaibat has described the Queen of Pop as “just a woman like all the others”.

Speaking out for the first time about his love for her in a highly revealing interview, the 24-year-old said the passionate affair had made him suspicious of old friends, and caused him to change his mobile number.

But, despite the masses of unwanted attention, the French break-dancer said he believed he had a future with the 52-year-old superstar.

“It all started on September 22nd at the launch of Madonna`s new ready-to-wear clothing range,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying about their first meeting in New York.

“My mate Norman, who danced for her and who became her personal trainer, asked me to dance at the evening. I performed a solo to Material Girl. Then I met Madonna on the sidelines, and she just thanked me for my show.

“It wasn`t like meeting a monster! She`s just a woman like all the others. She`s an extraordinary artist and world famous, of course, but a woman above all’” he said.

Eyebrows were immediately raised about the relationship, because of the age gap, and because Brahim is a devout Muslim, while Madonna is a follower of Kabbalah, a variation of Judaism.

Asked if he was a fan of Madonna as a child, Brahim said: “It wasn`t the kind of sound I had on my I-pod but I knew her tracks. I`ve since pretty much listened to all she`s done.”

“She`s put lots of breakdance and hip hop in her last tracks and she`s passionate about dance. Her dream as a child was to become a dancer. That`s another thing we have in common,” he said.

Asked why the pair had gone public about their love, the dancer said: “It wasn`t her deliberate decision and it wasn`t mine. We were in a club and we were seen dancing together.”

“It was because it was Madonna that the affair took on massive proportions. Nothing was calculated by us. We had a nice night together without thinking that there might be paparazzi there,” Brahim said.

Asked what had changed in his life, Madonna said: “Deep down, not much really. I`ve stayed the same. It`s others who have changed.

“Colleagues of yours have come to my house to take photographs of my mother and get information from her,” he told France`s Grazia magazine.