Madonna uses fame for ‘the greater good’

Washington: Madonna has said that she is aware of her position as a role model and so she tries to use her fame for the ‘greater good’.

However, the ‘W.E.’ director admits that she thinks people are sometimes ‘intimidated’ by her power and success.

“I am aware that everything I say and do is judged. I use that to the greater good, I know I can influence people,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain’s Grazia magazine.

“I think people often misunderstand my power and get intimidated by that rather than trying to understand me,” she said.

Though the star admits she is ‘kind of weary’ of being in the public eye, she is still fascinated by fame and understands both its good and bad points.

“I’m interested in fame as I am kind of weary of it. I think it has its pluses and minuses,” she said.

“I think everyone is intrigued and wants to have a part of that kind of world but if you are smart you realise the trap that it is as well,” she added.