Maggie Gyllenhaal says it’s okay to fail as a parent sometimes

Updated: Aug 25, 2010, 18:03 PM IST

Washington: Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal says that it is ok to fail at being a perfect parent sometimes and to take the aid of a nanny in bringing up kids.

Gyllenhaal, 32, who plays the role of harried young mother Mrs. Green in the movie ‘Nanny McPhee Returns’, says she almost became like her character when she tried to balance the demands of movies and motherhood.

“Mrs. Green literally had a birds nest in her hair and children hanging from the chandelier and she kept saying she was fine. I was definitely like that,” Fox News quoted her as saying.

“When my daughter was first born I kept saying ‘I don’t need anybody, I’m just going to do this by myself’.

“I thought I could make a home, be a good wife, and do all these things. I thought ‘I’m just going to call my mom’.

“But I have since realized that wasn’t realistic for me…It’s okay not to be able to do everything all the time, to fail as a parent sometimes.

“Now I have a wonderful nanny. I am somebody who spends every possible minute I can with my daughter – I really believe that’s important, but I do need help,” she added.