Mahesh was scared about me shooting DVD: Lara

Mumbai: Actress Lara Dutta, who has unveiled her pre-natal yoga DVD, revealed that her husband Mahesh Bhupathi was scared about her shooting the video.

"When I was shooting for the DVD, he (Mahesh) was very nervous. He has strictly instructed our director that if something happens to `my wife and the child`, he will stop it immediately," the 34-year-old told reporters here Tuesday.

"Good thing is that we sent him for a tournament and then we shot for it peacefully," added the actress who gave birth to her daughter in January this year. In 2010, she had launched a fitness DVD.

Meanwhile, Lara, 34, is enjoying her transformation to being a mother and is in no hurry to lose weight.

"More than being a celebrity, for me it was important that I don`t lose who I am. I am a mom and that`s a big part of me, a new part of me," she said.

"But I am also Lara, the person I have been for my whole life. I have never put that kind of pressure on me that I have to lose weight and get back in six weeks. I am still in the process of losing weight, but I am still enjoying the transformation of being a mom, being an actress, taking this break, looking after my daughter and getting back to shape," she added.