Man accuses Priyanka Chopra for not being a true Punjabi!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra’s latest flick ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’, which has garnered rave reviews both critically and commercially, has given the versatile actress all the reason to wear a broad smile.

Yet, PC got the shock of her life recently while promoting the film at a press meet where a Delhiite, also present at the event, accused Priyanka for not being a true Punjabi. Apparently, Priyanka, who was down and out single-handedly, shouldering the film’s promotional events, ended up having an ugly spat with the man.

Buzz has it that man went on to question Priyanka’s identity repeatedly.

Talking to a tabloid, a source close to Piggy Chops said, “Priyanka was taken aback by the accusation. At first, she laughed it off saying she is very much a Punjabi. But the man kept piping in loudly that she had done nothing for Punjab or Punjabis. Priyanka, finally, told him to shut up and quit.”

However, the man left the venue after having a heated argument with the actress and making a mess of the glittery event.

A member from the unit revealed, “It was weird and inopportune, Priyanka`s Punjabiyat had nothing to do with the occasion. We don`t know where the man came from and where he disappeared. But the whole incident was suspicious.”

Priyanka’s father Ashok Chopra is a Punjabi while her mother belongs to Jharkhand. PC spent her childhood in Uttar Pradesh, which is why she has had no other connection with the state of Punjab.

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