Mandira Bedi needs a break!

Mumbai: Working in TV show, running her own line of saris, and looking after her two-year-old son - all this is taking a toll on Mandira Bedi and she confesses she is craving for a break before starting anything new.

"There is `24`, there is saris and there is my son. That`s all I can do right now. There are talks about new seasons of both the shows - `Indian Idol Junior` and `24`," the 41-year-old said here at the launch of her sari store.

"Right now, I just want to breathe because since March I have not rested, I have not slept, I have not had even a minute of me time. I need a little bit of a break before I take on anything else," she added.

Mandira is playing an Anti-Terrorist Unit officer in the TV show `24` produced by Anil Kapoor, who also plays the lead in the show.