Mariah Carey is having twins, confirms husband Nick Cannon

Los Angeles: Mariah Carey had sparked rumours that she is expecting twins by referring to her unborn baby as "they" and now the pop star’s husband Nick Cannon has confirmed the news.

Just a week ago he had laughed off the rumours but Cannon has now said that his wife`s use of the word "they" is not wrong, reported E! News Online.

"It`s a touchy issue, because you never want to speak on too much stuff too early. But my wife, at one time, she said, well she referred to her stomach as `they` and that wasn`t the wrong thing for her to do. That`s all I`m gonna say," said the 32-year-old rapper and TV host.

Carey, 41, first sparked the rumour of twins in a radio interview with Radio Disney, saying "I just hope that they don`t turn out hating Christmas". She went on being secretive when asked for clarification. "I`m not telling anyone," she said.

But the couple say that they are not keen on knowing the baby`s sex before the birth.

"We want to be surprised about the sex of the baby. We were told that it`s going be one of the biggest surprises of your lifetime to see what the sex of the baby is, so, we`re trying to wait. But you never know," said Cannon.