Marion Cotillard is secret singer

Updated: Jul 28, 2010, 12:49 PM IST

London: French actress Marion Cotillard has a hidden talent -- she is also a singer.

The ‘Inception’ star recently toured for two months with her musician friend Yodelice, playing a variety of instruments and singing under the name Simone.

"I was in Los Angeles last January, a friend called me up who is an amazing singer who goes by the name Yodelice. He said, `Would you come to the studio? I would love for you to sing one of my songs.` So I went down and ended up going from a background singer to being in a duet. Then my friend said he was playing at the Olympia in Paris and asked me if I would sing with him there and I said, `Oh, yeah, of course,`" quoted her as saying.

"I changed my name, of course. I said, `I can`t be Marion Cotillard.` We ended up using Simone, which is my other grandmother`s name. She passed away many years ago but always wanted to be a singer. So sometimes Simone appears with the band," she added.