Mark Wahlberg doesn`t enjoy action flicks

London: Actor Mark Wahlberg admits it`s getting harder for him to shoot stunts for his action films now that he`s in his 40s.

The 42-year-old said it has become harder for him to shoot the rough-and-tumble movies he`s known for and he`s ready to slow down, reported Contactmusic.

"Absolutely it`s punishing. After doing four movies in a row, I needed a break. I did `Broken City`, `Pain & Gain`, `2 GUNS` and `Lone Survivor`, which is a war movie where I play a Navy Seal trapped in Afghanistan. That was the kicker. I had to tough it up, but after that I was ready to do nothing," he said.

While he now struggles with some stunts, Wahlberg is incredibly passionate about working out and maintaining his impressive physique.

"I`ve been exercising for a long time and I feel sluggish when I don`t. I have times when I stop and splurge. I went through a chocolate chip cookie phase. But I stopped that."