Mark Wahlberg hires tutor to complete education

London: Mark Wahlberg, who dropped out of school in his teens after taking to a life of crime, is planning to complete his education and has hired a private tutor.

The `Fighter` star endured a turbulent childhood, spiralling into drug addiction and spending time behind bars.

But despite having a successful career in Hollywood, the 39-year-old actor wants to boost his academic ability, Sun online reported.

"I need to get a diploma before my kids graduate! I definitely want to further my education. I`ve got a few years," Wahlberg said.

"Somebody was on a plane with me recently and said, `Oh, I`ll get a guy to come over and tutor you for a couple of hours.` I was like, `It will be more like a couple of months.` But I think I`ve got to do it. I`ll feel great about it once I do," he added.


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