Marry Me! Shouts Rajkumar Gupta to Rani Mukerji

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Rani Mukerji might be in a relationship with Yash Raj scion Aditya Chopra, but that hasn’t deterred Rajkumar Gupta, director of No One Killed Jessica, from asking her hand in marriage. The filmmaker, who reportedly couldn’t take his eyes of the actress during the shooting of the film, is believed to be smitten by the bong beauty.

Confirming the news, a source told a daily, "It was quite obvious for everyone to see that Raj was smitten by Rani. He found every excuse to be close to her and even insisted on playing a cameo in the film where he gets to propose to Rani`s character."

As per reports, a scene in the script demanded one of Rani`s character`s colleagues in the office to shout a marriage proposal to Rani. And even though some other actor was supposed to do that role, Raj insisted on playing it just for the pleasure of proposing to Rani.

Talking about the incident, "Yes that`s me shouting, `Marry me` to Rani. Someone else was supposed to do the cameo. But no one had the guts to say those two words to Rani. So I took up the challenge. Actually there were two cameos making audacious proposals to Rani. My producer Vikas Behl also plays a cameo. He shouts, `Try me` to Rani. I shout, `Marry me.`"

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