Matt Damon keeps private life away from watchful eyes of paparazzi

New York: Matt Damon tries to keep his personal life private, as he knows that the paparazzi are always following him, especially after they hounded his friend Ben Affleck during his ‘Bennifer’ days.

The 41-year-old actor recently caused a Twitter frenzy when he and wife Luciana celebrated actor John Krasinski’s birthday by blurting a few tunes at a karaoke bar.

“We had dinner and then went out to a bar and ended up at a karaoke place,” the New York Daily News quoted Damon as telling Parade magazine.

“We sang everything; we hadn’t been out like that in a long time. And Lucy told me the next day, ‘Our whole night was tweeted by people.’”

However, Damon is thankful that he is not as hounded by the media as some of his famous friends.

“Brad Pitt has told me stories,” he said.

“He threw a cheeseburger at somebody.

“The guy had followed him to the drive-thru and Brad was like, ‘Can I just eat my cheeseburger?’

“The guy pulled up next to him and Brad ended up throwing it at him, and they both looked at each other in total shock for a long moment.

“Neither of them could believe it happened, you know?”

‘The Departed’ star also discussed his longtime friend Ben Affleck’s media troubles during his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, a couple that was affectionately dubbed “Bennifer.”

He described one of Affleck’s days off, which he spent spent driving for hours with no destination in particular just to get away from the flock of cars waiting by his driveway.

“(Ben) said, ‘I was so angry at these guys for invading my life, that I was taking the very little free time I had and wasting it, in order to get back at them.’

Fortunately for Damon, he has managed to keep his marriage out of the spotlight and does not have to deal as much with the distraction, and can focus his attention on upcoming projects.


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