Me and Katrina are still together, clarifies Salman

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Bengaluru: Fearless Salman Khan, who doesn’t really care about what the world thinks when it comes to speaking his mind, has cleared the air on his much-hyped break-up with Katrina Kaif. Putting an end to the recent speculations over his relationship with Katrina, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan said that they are still a couple.

While promoting his much-awaited film ‘Dabangg’ at a press conference recently, Salman clarified, “Katrina and me are still together.”

Regarding the recent controversy of Katrina publicly claiming that she is single, Salman said, “I told Katrina to say that she is single.”

Well, in the past, Salman and Katrina have apparently held a record of sorts for always refraining from discussing their relationship in media. However, only a few days back, during an interview with a news channel, Salman had reportedly claimed that ‘he’s single’.

And, adding fuel to the fire, Katrina too suddenly confirmed that she was single. "I am single. But beyond that I don`t think I need to give too much of details," Katrina told reporters.

"Sometimes it`s hard enough to take decisions, professional sometimes but mostly personal and wherever the decision that you have to take, it`s very difficult to take them and if you have to make them in front of everybody, whether it`s media, or the public or the world, I think that`s a little bit more than what I can handle. That`s why for six years, I have never commented who I am with, if I had a break up, if there is an argument," Katrina further said.

The actress said she thinks commitment changes with situation.

"If you commit to something, you must stand by. But if you commit to something and the situation changes, then perhaps the commitment also changes," she said.

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