Megan Fox stars as sultry scientist in new computer ad

London: ‘Transformers’ star Megan Fox is all set to play an actress turned marine biologist who wants to talk to dolphins in a new advert for a computer brand.

In the commercial for Acer Aspire, Fox, 26, meets her agent in a restaurant but is distracted by the lobster tank, reported Daily Mail.

She is then transported to a lab and transformed into a research scientist while a voiceover says, "We all have our hidden talents and for Megan Fox it`s marine life. The new Acer Aspire means that she can now follow her dream of talking to dolphins."

Fox, who is married to actor Brian Austin Green, 39, can then be seen showing a dolphin various objects like an egg and a fish to try and get it to communicate with her.

She is even seen reading the book `50 Shades of Grey`.