Mel Gibson ‘threatened’ ex by saying ‘there will be brains all over the wall’

Washington: Oksana Grigorieva has reportedly revealed that Mel Gibson was so angry the day he allegedly attacked her that he threatened "There will be brains all over the wall".

Oksana went to the L.A. County District Attorney``s Office and told investigators the tale of day of the nuclear argument between the celebrity couple.

She said that after allegedly striking her, Mel pulled out a gun, waived it around and threatened to kill her, the baby and himself, screaming, ‘there will be brains all over the wall’, reports

Thereafter, she fled the house with Lucia and her son Sacha.

Mel`s domestic violence case is currently with the L.A. County District Attorney`s Office for review.

However, the point that pops up amid all the allegations is that claims of Mel threatened to kill himself, Oksana and the baby never came up during the mediation in May.