Michael Douglas all praises for his “surrogate father”

London: Michael Douglas, 66, is all praises for step-parents- the ‘Wall Street’ star said that his mother’s second husband was like a “surrogate father” to the him as he grew up.

The ‘Wall Street’ legend’s mother, Diana Dill, divorced the actor’s dad, Kirk Douglas, in 1951 and had married Bill Darrid.

Darrid proved to be a strong father figure for Michael as a teenager and even renewed his belief in marriage.

“I was really blessed that my mother remarried a great, great guy. Step-parents never get enough credit. You know, it’s always the wicked stepmother or stepfather but the truth is, there are so many more step-parents who have assumed the responsibility of raising kids that are not theirs and I was really lucky,” the Daily express quoted Douglas as saying.

“He was my surrogate father from when I was 12 up until adulthood. Kirk would be the first one to acknowledge that. He was a great listener, which is a tough thing to find, and I got to watch a lovely marriage - so it reaffirmed and reassured me that marriages can work,” he added.

Darrid died in 1992 and Dill went on to remarry in 2002.


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