Mick Jagger was too possessive: Keith Richards

Los Angeles: Keith Richards has revealed that it was `very difficult` to be friend with Rolling Stones bandmate Mick Jagger due to his possessiveness.

In his autobiography, `Life`, Richards admits the singer is often jealous of his other pals, which makes it `very difficult to be his friend`.

`I`ve no doubt in retrospect that Mick was very jealous of me having other male friends,` aceshowbiz.com quoted him as saying in his book.

`Maybe his exclusivity is bound up with his own siege mentality. Or maybe he thinks he is trying to protect me: `What does that a**hole want from Keith?` But quite honestly I can`t put my finger on it. Because I love the man dearly; I`m still his mate. But he makes it very difficult to be his friend,` he added.