Mike Tyson wants to play Shakespeare`s Othello

London: Boxing legend Mike Tyson has apparently set his sights on becoming a movie star and wants to portray Shakespeare`s Othello.

The Boxing legend, who infamously bit off Evander Holyfield`s ear, is hoping for a major part in one of the Bard`s masterpieces which will help him attain his dream of becoming a full-time actor, the Daily Star reported.

"Wouldn`t Shakespeare be awesome. That black guy - could you imagine me in Othello? Holy no. That`s why I want to do it," Tyson said in an exclusive interview with the publication on Sunday.

The former world champion, who made appearances in the ` Hangover` trilogy and ` Scary Movie 5 ` film, is slowly building on his acting career.

Tyson, who is currently performing a one-man show in New York to improve his skills, revealed that he is taking acting lessons.

He added that he wasn`t taking it serious when he started out but he is working on his skills now.


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