Miley Cyrus annoyed by troublesome teacher

Los Angeles: Teen sensation Miley Cyrus will be relieved of her bothersome tutor when she graduates from high school.

The 17-year-old actress is followed around the world by a private tutor to ensure that she keeps on top of her studies and she cannot wait to finish her education, as she is in a hurry to work in Hollywood without permission, Contactmusic reported.

"I`m graduating (soon). I mark my school differently. Most people do semesters, I do it by movies or tours. At the end of my next movie is when I`m done with school. I`m a little bit of a workaholic. My teacher threatens my work permit. She`s like, `I will not sign it if you don`t do (work)!," Cyrus said.

The Hannah Montana star also admits that her teacher even nags her showbiz pals, including teen sensation Justin Bieber.

"She got on to Justin the last time we were at (TV talk show ) Good Morning America. She`s like, `Is your teacher here, Justin? Have you done your school today? Do you need me to sign your permit?` I was like, `You`re embarrassing me in front of the Biebs!` My little sister was mortified," Cyrus said.