Miley Cyrus slams "close-minded" critics

London: Teen star Miley Cyrus has blasted critics of her raunchy new image, insisting "everyone" makes mistakes.

The 17-year-old pop star has attracted a string of negative comments in recent weeks after video footage of her dirty dancing with a 44-year-old movie producer in a bar surfaced online, a news website reported.

She then stunned fans at a gig in Portugal at the weekend by performing in a revealing, skin-tight leotard, stroking her thighs and cavorting with male dancers.

But the `Hannah Montana` star has now spoken out to defend her actions, insisting everyone makes embarrassing errors when they are young.

"People always want me to say it`s so hard and difficult but really it`s just annoying because what my life is isn`t for them to give their comments on. They can think what they want... I think those are people who are just close-minded and don`t understand art," Cyrus said at a Radio show.

"I always tell people, everyone goes through a bad point in their life and makes bad choices. But they just haven`t been published and it hasn`t been documented and (published) on the Internet. You can see how that would drive people crazy. I would like to see you at 21 and video that and put that out there for people to comment on," she said.