Miley Cyrus vows to end cyber bullying

London: Miley Cyrus used her twitter account to take a stand against cyber bullying after her friend Kelly Osbourne was targeted online.

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter and his wife Sharon were sent a hate message by a twitter user on Tuesday which Kelly subsequently retweeted and replied to.

“Your (sic) disgusting! and now everyone knows it!” the Daily Express quoted her as tweeting.

After this Cyrus jumped to her defence, and in a series of posts, urged fans to help stamp out online bullying.

“I’m so sorry mrssosbourne and MissKellyO for the abusive tweet... I don’t think it’s right for people to use twitter to abuse and harass others. Just cause your (sic) hidden behind some computer like a coward doesn’t mean this isn’t bullying,” Cyrus said.

“So twitter if you could please start removing people to help STOPCYBERBULLYING It shouldn’t be tolerated!” she said.

“So proud of all my fans responding to my last tweet!! You guys will make a difference! Take a stand! Let’s trend STOPCYBERBULLYING,” she added.


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