Miley Cyrus wants a `bunch of kids`

London: Miley Cyrus wants a bunch of kids with fiance Liam Hemsworth but she wants to tie the knot first.

The 19-year-old singer-actress recently got engaged to the 22-year-old actor and is in no hurry to get pregnant, though she eventually wants to raise a large family together as she has herself been brought up with a lot of brothers and sisters, reported Femalefirst.

"She really wants a bunch of kids, since she has a lot of brothers and sisters. She wants the same thing when she becomes a mother. She wants the kids to be all hers, and it might be a little while after marriage for her to start because she really loves her body and wants to spend some time being the `Hot Wife," a source said.

The former ‘Hannah Montana’ actress has been getting in some practice by looking after Liam`s brother Chris` new daughter, India Rose.

"She has been able to quell any desires about being a mother by helping out with Chris Hemsworth`s baby India Rose. She is all about babysitting whenever they need it. It hasn`t sparked her need for a baby for herself any faster, but rather has made her happy that she is in the glow. The baby can come later," the source added.