Miley Cyrus wants to take revenge on Justin Bieber

Los Angeles: Teen sensation Miley Cyrus has vowed to take a revenge on rising star Justin Bieber after he flooded her with prank calls.

The `Hannah Montana` star is furious with Bieber, who repeatedly phoned her in the middle of the night during a trip to London and now wants to get even with him, Aceshowbiz reported online.

"He prank called me, not realising the time difference yesterday, at like three o`clock in the morning. I was about to kill! He kept ringing! I was yelling because I thought it was someone that got my number, my number gets out. So I changed my number and he kept pranking me," Cyrus said.

"I really did believe it was a kid or something so I was like, `I can`t really yell `cause I think it`s a kid but I`m not really sure.` Finally, I was like (shouting), `It`s three o`clock in the morning!` He was like, `Ha ha ha ha, it`s Bieber. Call me back.` I was like, `Oh my gosh, I`m going to hurt this kid.` My little sister loves him, but I`m going to kill him," she added.



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