Minister-actor Bratya Basu holds Naseeruddin Shah as idol

Kolkata: Happy with his recent roles in Bengali films including a hardnosed criminal lawyer in `Muktodhara`, playwright-actor and minister Bratya Basu holds Naseeruddin Shah as his idol.

"Despite my schedule these days, I manage to watch Hindi films at the end of day," Basu told PTI on the location shoot of Nitish Roy`s science-fiction movie `Mahakash Kando` where he essays the role of the assistant of a scientist.

"I keep watching films of Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Pankaj Kapoor and Aamir Khan, But I hold Naseeruddin Shah as unparalleled," the actor-turned politician said.

"Naseeruddin Shah is God to me...I watched many of his stage plays besides some of his films. And he has no competitor in this genre of acting," Basu, who has acted in `Herbert`, `Kalbela`, `Ichhe`, `Hemlock Society` and `Balukabela.Com` in the past, said.

Coming to Bengali films, Basu said, "There has been a recent turnaround in Bengali movies and I am happy to be part of that. It is good, the audience for Bengali movies is rising," he said.

Bratya was selected for the role in `Mahakash kando` after Roy picked him up on seeing the rushes of Muktodhara and Ichhe earlier.

And being part of a children`s film having science fiction as a theme was a refreshing idea, he said.
"This kind of science fiction is new in the realm of Bengali films. After I watched Nitish Roy`s `Gosaibaganer Bhoot`, I wished to work with him." He said.

About `Mahakash Kando`, produced by Pratigya Media, he said another redeeming feature is that it is based on Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay`s science fiction `Golmaal` "and thanks for someone coming forward to fund such a film high on special effects."

About his character, Basu said, "I am playing Ramanuj who claims to be the assistant of Madhubababu, the scientist, and wants to complete his unfinished task. My character also wears camouflage in the movie as he is not initially accepted by the scientist`s family.

The director of `Winkle Twinkle` and `Bratyajaner`, who rates theatre as his first love, said he did not find it too difficult to juggle between acting and politics.

About filming a children`s novel, he said children`s film always ensures an audience from both sides ? the kids as well as their guardians.

"On an average with a child, two others i.E. His parents are also counted among the potential target audience. So that comes to three people per unit," Bratya quipped.

About his first love -- theatre, Bratya said, "The audiences for Bengali theatre has not shrunk. And people still love watching good play."

The cast of the film includes actors Victor Banerjee, Swagata Mukherjee, Koneenica and others.