Mirren thought of breaking her leg to avoid nude scene

London: Oscar-winner Dame Helen Mirren has revealed that she thought of breaking her own leg in a desperate bid to escape her first fully frontal nude film scene in Ken Russell’s 1972 flick.

The legendary actress admits she was in a mess the morning of her big reveal in ‘The Savage Messiah’ and thought about harming herself to force the director to rethink the scene.

"I played a bra-burning suffragette in the turn of the century. It’s Ken Russell so it was pretty well out there,” a news daily quoted her as saying.

"The day I had to do that nude scene, where I had to walk completely b**lock naked down a flight of stairs, was awful. It was early days and I was so mortified, embarrassed and unhappy about it".

"I remember that morning looking out of my trailer, this funky little caravan thing and wondered if I threw myself off the top step of the trailer I could manage to break my leg and not have to do the scene! I wouldn’t like to do that today," she added.