MJ `entrapped` me into living in his home, says doc Conrad Murray

London: Michael Jackson’s jailed doctor Conrad Murray has claimed in a documentary, that the late King of Pop betrayed him by trapping him into living in his home and providing him continuous medical and emotional support.

In the documentary filmed during the trial of Murray, who was found guilty this week of involuntary manslaughter, the physician said he expected to act as a general family doctor but found himself trapped in the singer’s scarred and claustrophobic life.

“Once I got in there I was entrapped,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying in the film.

“Through his most intense desire to have me there with him, it was intertwined with a degree of betrayal,” he added.

Murray also recalled Jackson’s desperate pleas for sleeping medication on the day of his death, saying the singer resembled the zombie character from the ‘Thriller’ music video.

“He was basically hysterical. He begged and pleaded and said, ‘please Dr Conrad, I need some milk so that I can get some sleep. If I don’t get some sleep ... everything will go down the drain. He looked to me during that morning to be like the thriller. He looked that hysterical,” he revealed.

But he defended the use of the surgical anaesthetic propofol to put Jackson to sleep, saying that the amount he gave the singer was “inconsequential”.


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