MJ ‘feared he had heart disease, cancer and brain tumour’

London: In the six months before he died, Michael Jackson believed he had heart disease, cancer and brain tumour.

The late King of Pop even thought he had hypothermia and frostbite.

However, his delusions were caused by his mind and body being ravaged by his addiction to prescription drugs and painkillers, according to aides.

"He was a mental wreck and always felt he had a disease. He was terrified of the sun as it irritated his vitiligo (skin condition) prompting him to claim he had cancer and brain tumours,” a news daily quoted one aide as saying.

"At other times he said he was freezing cold and might have frostbite. On reflection his body and mind were just wrecked by drug use," the aide added.

The singer also complained of suffering heart attacks leading up to his death in June last year.


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