MJ loved Nazi videos and Judy Garland TV specials

New York: Legendary singer Michael Jackson loved Nazi videos and Judy Garland TV specials and dramas that showed troubled boys in dysfunctional families.

According to the King of Pop’s former movie peddler, Jackson displayed the tapes along the walls of his video vault at the Neverland ranch.

“Michael Jackson was a very special client to me,” The New York Post quoted Norman Scherer, owner of a videotape distribution company in the 1990s as saying.

A New Yorker in 1995 who was looking to place big orders for a ‘famous’ client approached Scherer but he wanted him to be discreet.

“He had a really good collection,” Scott Schaffer, Jackson’s former personal assistant, who hunted down Scherer to buy obscure titles, said.

“I knew what Jackson wanted,” he added.

The Hitler movies included ‘Nazis Of Pure Blood,’ ‘Oasis of the Zombies’ and ‘Hitler``s Children.’



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