MJ`s daughter Paris ``struggling the most to move on without him``

Michael Jackson`s 12-year-old daughter Paris is struggling the most with her father`s death.

"She has pictures of Michael plastered over all her walls and is really attached to all his memorabilia," News.com.au quoted a family insider as telling Foxnews.com.

"In time, it`s very much expected that they will go into the entertainment industry to some capacity," added the insider. "Could be music or acting -- it was really embedded in them from day one," the insider added.

Although MJ died a year ago, it`s only now the biological mum of Prince and Paris, Debbie Rowe, has been in contact with the children.

MJ`s three children have also infact thrived in having the opportunity to interact with their cousins.

"Katherine is really carrying the torch as a mom and hasn`t missed a beat," said an old Jackson family friend and biographer, Stacy Brown.

"But she has a lot of things in common with Joe - Katherine is a strong, stern disciplinarian. They wouldn`t want to misbehave," she added.