MJ wouldn’t like kids’ new lives, says brother Jermaine

London: Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson believes that the late King Of Pop would not be happy if he knew about his children`s new found freedom.

Living with their grandmother have changed the kids’ life dramatically and many of their father`s old rules have also fallen by the wayside - including his desire to keep the youngsters out of the public eye.

Katherine has allowed the children to go out without covering their faces and has even agreed to let them attend public school for the first time - but Jackson`s brother Jermaine insisted that his late sibling would be worried about the changes.

"A lot of things he wouldn`t like. He didn`t want them to be all over the media, he wanted them to have a normal life, and it was hard with him so famous," a news daily quoted him as telling a magazine.

But Jermaine is adamant the kids` lives are changing for the better, adding, "They have to fit into society at some point, to become citizens... They`re going to go to a private school with other kids and know what it`s like to have a friend. Absolutely. It`s the best for them."