MJ’s bro praises disciplinarian dad for shaping them

Washington: Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine has praised their father Joe for being strict with them when they were growing up.

Although Joe has always been called a strict father and criticised for imposing corporal punishment on his kids, Jermaine insists that he was a good father.

“We had a raw talent and it was up to my father to cultivate it... and show us how to achieve greatness if we listened and took direction and worked hard,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“Kids were coming over to the house and say can we come out to play, ‘No, we have a talent show to do...’ The next thing you know, we’re auditioning in front of Berry Gordy for Motown,” he said.

“We grew up around gangs, drugs and everything... My father was trying to keep his family together, because a lot of our friends today, if they’re not dead, they’re in prison. It was because that nobody really cared, so discipline is love,” Jermaine added.

The late ‘Thriller’ hitmaker had spoken out about the alleged abuse at the hands of his father in several interviews.


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