MJ’s doc could be freed in months even if he gets 4-year jail sentence

London: Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray could walk free within months even if he receives the maximum four-year jail sentence for killing the singer with a fatal dose of propofol, it has emerged.

According to sources, the disgraced doctor, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, could even serve his time under house arrest wearing an electronic tag.

Legal analysts said the three-year prison sentence seen as the most likely punishment for Murray might amount to less than six months behind bars.

“He could also serve a sentence on house arrest or other possible alternatives to incarceration,” the Daily Mail quoted Julia Mezhinsky Jayne, vice chairwoman of the criminal law section of the California Bar, as saying.

Under new guidelines on overcrowding, non-violent criminals must be sent to local jails rather than tough state prisons.

District Attorney Steve Cooley said it would be difficult to achieve an appropriate sentence for Murray because of a new state prison alignment law that allows early release for people convicted of non-violent felonies.

He said his office gave the case the same attention it would give a lower-profile case, but conceded that because of the identity of the victim, “obviously this takes on a viral dimension.”


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