MJ’s `drugged` mum demands security team be fired

Washington: Michael Jackson’s mother Katharine called her home in Calabasas, sounding “drugged”, ordering the replacement of the current security team with that of daughter Janet’s.

According to sources, people in the house were “alarmed and nervous” after hearing Katherine sounding heavily drugged.

In addition to replace the security team, she ordered Trent off the property.

Jackson’s security team and Trent in particular had thwarted Monday’s attempt by Randy, Jermaine and Janet to take late Michael’s kids to Arizona.

Sources said that the prevailing view is that Randy and company have drugged their mom and that Jackie is furious at his conspiratorial siblings for what they’ve done and what they are trying to do.

“I’m waiting on Katherine to get back in town and I’m looking forward to getting a hold of her to ascertain what’s been going on,” TMZ.com quoted Katherine’s lawyer, Perry Sanders as saying.

Randy wrote on Twitter, claiming that Katherine had fired Trent and her security team at 9 pm not between 2 am and 4 am.

He made no reference to claims that she was “drugged up” during the phone call ... but he said that he was on the phone with Rebbie when it all went down.

Randy also claimed that TJ had asked Katherine for temporary guardianship last night but she flat out turned him down and said “NO TJ.”