MJ’s ex-doc refused to give him intravenous anaesthetic at any price

Washington: Michael Jackson’s former physician DR. Allan Metzger has claimed that he refused to give the King of Pop intravenous anaesthetic even when the star requested him.

Metzger testified it in a court during Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial.

Dr. Metzger, who treated Jackson on and off for 20 years, revealed the star had approached him two months before his death in June 2009, and asked for help to cure his insomnia.
He told the court Jackson felt sure he could no longer be cured by any oral drug and has urged the physician to give him an anaesthetic to sleep. But, the doctor refused.

“He asked me about intravenous sleep medicines. He used the word ‘juice’. I don’t think he mentioned the word of a specific sleep medication,” Contactmusic quoted the doctor as saying.

When asked if there was any amount of money that “would have convinced you to give him (Jackson) an IV of propofol in his house?” the doctor responded, “Absolutely not.”


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