MJ’s lawyers launch legal battle to send Murray to tougher jail

London: Prosecutors in Los Angeles are said to be preparing a legal fight to have Michael Jackson’s jailed physician, Dr Conrad Murray, sent to higher category prison for killing the singer.

According to District Attorney Steve Cooley, he is considering an appeal after Murray was ordered to serve his sentence for involuntary manslaughter in a county jail, Sky News reported.

This is the result of a new law in California, which keeps those convicted of certain non-violent offences out of the state’s overcrowded prison system, and the convicted would usually expect to serve half of their sentence.

Cooley is angry that Murray might serve less than half the four-year sentence handed to him.

Murray had been convicted earlier this month of killing the ‘Billy Jean’ hitmaker through criminal negligence, giving him a dose of the hospital anaesthetic propofol and failing to monitor him properly or raise the alarm quickly enough.

The physician had been hired by the late singer for his comeback shows in London but had pressured the doctor to find ways to help him sleep during the rehearsal period.


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