MJ’s sis La Toya’s emotional twitter outburst from inside court

London: Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya took to her Twitter page to give vent to her emotions while appearing in the Los Angeles Superior Court to hear the Dr Conrad Murray Manslaughter trial.

La Toya, who has been using Twitter from inside the court to let supporters know her reaction to the latest evidence, revealed that she is finding it difficult to cope with the emotional strain.

“On our lunch break! It’s so hard 4 me 2 breath N court from holding back the tears. I don’t know how my mother stays so strong,” the Telegraph quoted her as tweeting on the third day of the hearing.

“A brother was taken from us, a son was taken from my parents, a father was taken from Prince, Paris & Blanket and a KING/ICON...was taken from the world.

“I WANT JUSTICE AND I WANT IT NOW! DR. Murray has been UNDERCHARGED!” she added.


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