Money matters, but not anymore for B’wood star Aamir Khan

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: For Bollywood supremo Aamir Khan, money is the last thing on his mind. While many might find it hard to agree, but our ‘perfectionist’ Khan opines that the green stuff is not the only thing that drives him to perform and execute what he can do best in the industry.

Being the highest paid actor in Bollywood, here is what Aamir says about his riches, “I have never thought of money as something that is there to give me a sense of security. My needs are not that many. I am earning more than enough to cover my needs. I have a very simple life.”

On being asked about the value he ascertains to wealth, Aamir came up with a surprising statement, saying, “The value of money is only as much as you can use it. If I have thousands of crores in the bank or if I have an equal amount invested somewhere, it cannot give me any pleasure. Money is of no use unless I use it. If money is not used then it only has conceptual value. It is in your head. The way I look at it, at the end of the day, you’re going to live in a house, eat two-three meals a day and that’s about it. After a point, money ceases to mean anything.”

Nevertheless, Aamir admits that everyone doesn’t fall in with his same line of thought. “I will not disrespect money or people who are fascinated by money. But it doesn’t fascinate me,” he says.


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